Life is fleeting. You hear it too often, yet until you experience it yourself, you don't really 'get' it.  My sister Robin (the beautiful green-eyed girl below) lost her battle to cervical cancer five years ago. My heart broke and I realized there weren't many pictures of us together as adults because she lived in Omaha. Three years ago I battled breast cancer and I've been blessed to live to fight other battles; like bills, housework, the J.O.B.  I actually have a full time professional job as a Senior Program Manager for a Staffing Company.  But getting behind the lens is where I find my J.O.Y.
My oncologist told me once, "Don't postpone joy."  Those words stuck with me.  Document your joy, the small accomplishments as well as those big WOO HOO moments!  I love taking photos for families and watching them make lasting memores.  From posed sessions to raucous parties, sharing photos makes distant family feel close and allows others to join in celebrating the life you're living.   CELEBRATE LIFE and embrace every meaningful moment! Then share your joy with others, they'll appreciate it!